Fuckin’ Germans! You know, when you’re at a bar, the Germans can’t settle with just one martini.

Oh no! They’ll have three!


“They are putting it right in our faces!”, N says, trying to whip up a little fromage d’odoure, cu-cu la praline. And yes, there is something going on. But what it is exactly, N can only speculate about.. and when he do freely do : he is wearing his special glasses that can only see malice (malice! who the fuck is malice). The symbolic journey seems to be lost on him. Has he read the comedy? Has he heard of Pandora? Is he aware of what they said was the message to those who entered Auschwitz? I’m sure he is not aware of that Swedes are still putting a goat made of straw under the christmas-tree. Why? Because, we never celebrated the birth of a christ. We never cared for a santa. And the 13:th of December a virgin dressed in white goes from house to house with her following of vestals. The church changed her into a saint but kept her name. She is called “Lucia” and is a promise of light. Yes, it’s luciferian. And why was this? Is it because swedes worship death and destruction; child-abuse and ritual killing? In a sense, yes. We remember days and times of darkness, and repeat the magick with symbols and decoys. A man is born to travel. He has a journey. A man has a mind at war with itself and the journey is to create peace with one-self; the full, complet one-self. That is impossible as long as we create divides inside. Jesus said: fight thyself. It’s a holy battle with a grand prize at the end. War and bribes on humans said to be created God-like. One is not allowed to force people. But one is allowed to do teaching. And let me ask N: could you teach a fat person to take care of himself by educatnig him in the science of nutrition? What happens when you tell a person that is wrong, that he’s wrong? Most often he will refuse the message, the information and make a goat of the messanger. Blinded by hope and an idea that they are fighting evil, people can do the most horrendous things. I do not believe in abuse. And I live in a world where people like N inflict pain on other people every day. I do not believe in human sacrifice even though the holy-schmoly warriors and self proclaimed martyrs and saints point fingers and cast blame at a pace that suggests guilt. I believe in me. I am what I am. I have a will. I respect the will. The will that journeys with love. Love is the law. If you bring up Minerva wih N, he’ll think you are talking ‘bout some alt-coin he could invest in. He is totally ignorant. And that’ s better than being stupid. Remember when N (rhymes with Satan - an anagram for Santa) did nothing else but sit at his local doughnut-shop? He made friends with the owner; talking about having an arrangement where he could have free doughnuts by having commercials on Y-tube? Now he’s on a doughnut-crusade.. and can’t even admit going there: “we driving to the.. hrm.. eh, coffe-shop.” Remember when he was all psychotic and thought the forum was full of bots? Now he sells t-shirts, claiming to be a russian bot himself. I’m sure there are bad people out there. Even bad organizattions. There are also some bad chefs out there, but claiming all food is evil because of that, is not making sense. You’ve seen theese people who make a dash for the train and then the doors close in front of them? How they slow down and pretend they where not running at all. No, no, no.. They where just strawling. Having a casual walk-about. You’ve seen those telling someone off and then realizing they yelled at an innocent person. How they start to mutter and scratch themselves. Then they say something like: Well, i’m sure you’ve done something, sometime… and let this be a lesson to you. Being wrong is very hard. I’s much more easy being right. Can’t you be right about something that doesn’t pay you? Do you have to benefit?

With de-fan-go, itzhac (itchy) - aka crappy the clown is “catching up on his eating”, having a delicious cheese-pizza.

culkin is saying without telling. after death and rebirth, the gratitude over the transformation can be misdirected to the bastards who had no clue weather you would sink or swim.

John Michael Kohler. Center has works in porcelain (china). Bathrooms, tiles.. Artcenter in Sheboygan, WI. jmkac.org Also in the collections: 14 pleasures

the meek and me

[audio mp3=”www.skapan.de/wp-conten…”][/audio]

We’d been out at sea

  • the meek and me now, row the boat ashore up the firth! we where not holding hands and we made no demands as the meek shall inherit the earth.

And we made it ashore thru the Cumbrian door Land ho! Over younder was Perth. and though the aussies where there we did not beware as the meek shall inherit the earth.

In the heavens above where the air’s filled with love and one knows not of sadness and dearth they said : if you don’t care you can stay down there as the meek and inherit the earth.

Without no resentment, we struggled on, not quite happy, but sensing a mirth. On this piece of soil, we would labour and toil. We’re the meek that inherited the earth.

Look at the sun! Look at the moon! Look at the bee and the bird! As a stupid git squats down to shit, you will inherit his turd.

celtic lader dylan

specs of dusty, snarling charge as Pekinpaw, the tater be late said Fay, oblate, okey I see but saw no Fay there.

a lantern flick, the oil, the wick the sick may heal and foot to toe your oogle trites, the shit that dritt and scheidts the nose is black with sooth.

a poor connection’s all I got, she’s dirty, we will bathe her. the time has come to put it down, so let’s call in the lader.

People on the net says there is a secret Santa out there that is going to save them. All they have to do is to believe. Clap your hands if you believe!

What was it you wanted?

Tell me again, I forgot!

They say they’re making all the fuzz to save the children.. the precious children. Then they talk about themselves; who did what to them; wails about the unfair algorithm. And when all that is taken care of, it’s time for the merch.

A one hour show claiming to be about the precious children, suffering only in the Youtubers own fantasy, is 55 minutes “I”, “me”, “mine”.

The relevance of a story is determined by the actors jumping on it. Are they chalking X:s on every door in town? Are they grabbing for the stearing-wheel, heading for the woods to hide the tree the forrest?

Sick papaya at the gate. The proof is in the puddin’

How can you have any desert if you don’t eat your pudding?!

When it’s your turn to run the world? are you gonna whisk: “umpf. sigh. i’m too small. i can not.” Or are you gonna hurl into ransack and gweithredaf (get rid of)? Because love is a curious thing.